How to Login

All students of the Fort Zumwalt School District are provided access to computers and online resources. Not sure how to login? Here's the info to get you started:


Username = [Last Name][First Name][2 Digit Day of Birth]

Password = [5 Digit Lunch Pin]FZS

For example: John Smith born on August 9th, 1980 with Lunch Pin 03817 would login with the following

Google Username/Email Address =

Password = 03817FZS

Additional Notes:

  • Your Username cannot be more than 20 characters long. If the combination of your Last Name and First Name is more than 18 letters long, drop anything over 18 letters, then add your 2 Digit Day of Birth.
  • We eliminate all special characters. If your name contains a character such as a dash or apostrophe, those will not be part of your username.
  • Passwords are Case Sensitive. FZS must be in upper case in order for your login to work.
  • The information we use to create your account is based on the official/legal names we have access to in our Student Information System. If your last name consists of 2 names in our system, the same will be true for your login.