Device and Security

How is one student's Chromebook identified from another student?

All the Chromebooks are the same make and model, so they look alike. However, each Chromebook and charger will be tagged with a sticker with the student’s name on it. Additionally, district asset tags with bar codes will be on each device and each device has a serial number. The district keeps an inventory for all of that data, so if a Chromebook is misplaced we can determine the student it is assigned to return it. Any ID stickers that are on the Chromebook when issued must stay on the Chromebook. No additional permanent markings of any kind (stickers, engraving, permanent ink pen, tape, etc.) shall be placed on the Chromebook. While the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property. If a student leaves the District, their Chromebook will need to be made available for another student to use.

Can students use their own laptops or tablets instead of the district owned Chromebook?

The Chromebook is the required device chosen by Fort Zumwalt School District. It will allow the school system to monitor student use at school and push out applications that students can use for classwork and assessments. While many other devices exist, Fort Zumwalt School District selected the Chromebook for numerous factors including its instructional use and versatility, long battery life, integration with Google Apps for Education, security, management tools, and cost. FZSD issued Chromebooks will contain additional services and filters that non-district purchased Chromebooks will not.

Can students bring their own personal Chromebook to school?

The district-owned Chromebook is the required device chosen by Fort Zumwalt School District. Each district owned Chromebook also has a Google Apps for Education license which can only be purchased for district owned units. This allows the district to enroll the device into the district administrative Google console. Through the console the district provides security of the user and device, access to the network, instructional app selection specific to the child, and safety controls for all students. A personally owned Chromebook will not have these features, nor will it connect to the district wireless network.

Can students personalize their Chromebook?

Students can personalize their Chromebook as long as the items used can be easily removed at the end of the school year. FZSD will not provide a case for student Chromebooks. If desired, students may use their own case. Removable covers/skins are okay, but stickers, markers and anything glued should not be used since they may not come off easily. All stickers must be removed by the student prior to returning the device.

Are Chromebooks safe?

Yes! The district has been using Chromebooks since the 2013-14 school year, and has added additional layers of safety and security with this implementation. As with any technology device, the safest way for students to use a computer is under the supervision of an adult. We also ensure that our students grow each year as digital citizens through programs embedded in our curriculum. When students take the Chromebooks home, they will be subject to the same Internet filter that protects the students in school. The “always on” content filtering blocks harmful and inappropriate websites no matter where the student accesses the Internet – from school, home, or overseas – the filter is always on! In addition, Chromebooks have built-in anti-virus software that is always up-to-date.

What steps has the district taken to protect students from inappropriate content?

All student Chromebooks have a cloud-based filter, which restricts content both at school and away from school. The filter aligns with Board policy EHB (Click Here to view) as well as current legislation and restricts content that would be harmful to minors or illegal for minors. The filter restricts categories such as social networking, gambling, and malware for all students. It is important to remember that no filter is foolproof, but the district has thoroughly tested the filter and received multiple recommendations from other districts that are successfully using it.

What if the Chromebook needs service?

If the student is having problems with the device at school and classroom troubleshooting is unsuccessful, the issue should be reported to a classroom teacher or by submitting a help ticket at If appropriate, students will be given a loaner device to use while their computer is being repaired. Note: Loaner devices are not covered under Insurance. Only the device assigned to the student is protected. Because of this, loaner devices are not allowed to be taken off campus.